Brazilian Butt Lift – The Benefits of Using Your Natural Fat

Published on January 20, 2017 by

A Brazilian butt lift is able to give you a plumper, curvier, and more attractive butt. This is carried out through the use of the natural fat harvested from your body. When excess fat cells are transferred from one area of the body to the buttocks, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moises Salama is able to use them to craft a firm, curvaceous, and natural-looking butt.

Using your body’s natural fat means that there is no risk of your body rejecting or adversely reacting to a synthetic substance. Since the tissue used is your actual tissue, the results look and feel natural. When this natural fat connects to your body’s blood supply, it thrives in its new location. This ensures the longevity of your results.

Contacts us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Salama. His years of experience in performing Brazilian butt lifts will guarantee that you are satisfied with the quality of your care and results.

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Dr. Salama is a board certified plastic surgeon and the founding director of Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami. Dr. Salama continues to raise the bar for butt lift & butt augmentation standards.