Achieve Your Summer Butt Now!

Published on November 18, 2016 by

Many women undergo the Brazilian butt lift in order to look amazing in their summer swimsuits and fill out stylish clothes that they would otherwise be unable to wear. But there’s no reason to delay having the Brazilian butt lift procedure until the spring – if you’ve been thinking about undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, winter can be an excellent time to have the procedure done!

Having the procedure done over the winter offers you plenty of time to recover and adjust to your new curves and contours, helping give you a longer window to plan all those great outfits and swimsuits you’ve been looking forward to. Bulky winter clothing can also help add discretion and leave friends and family unaware that any surgery ever took place.

If you’re looking for a Brazilian butt lift specialist, then you want board-certified Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Moises Salama. Dr. Salama is a Brazilian butt lift expert who has spent years perfecting his techniques. Schedule your consultation today!

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Dr. Salama is a board certified plastic surgeon and the founding director of Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami. Dr. Salama continues to raise the bar for butt lift & butt augmentation standards.