Buttock Lift Center Miami

At Elite Cosmetic Center, Dr. Salama takes pride in achieving the aesthetic goals their patients are trying to attain. Elite Cosmetic Center is a state certified facility with Advanced Life Support capabilities which are in place for patient safety. Our surgical facility is annually inspected for both quality assurance and regulatory standards. Since its inception, Elite Cosmetic Center has passed all state inspection with above satisfaction.

Personalized Care

The personalized care that Dr. Salama requires for his patients is handled by a qualified team of surgical coordinators, registered nurses, and nurse anesthetists. Our surgical facility is a very quaint and personal center, yet sophisticated to handle all aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Below are some of the highlights of Elite Cosmetic Center:

  • Florida State Certified Office Surgery Center
  • Advanced Life Support capabilities

Surgical Staff:

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Meet Our Surgeon

Dr. Salama is a board certified plastic surgeon and the founding director of Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami. Dr. Salama continues to raise the bar for butt lift & butt augmentation standards.